Wujiang Dasheng Detection Technology Co., Ltd. (originally named Shuzhou Dasheng Detection Technology Co., Ltd., founded in May 2010 ), mainly consists of 3 labs: Microbiological Lab, the Dosimetry Lab and the Physics Lab. It has full technical support of the Soochow University Institute of Radiation Medicine.

The company is established to meet the Yangtze River Delta economic zone’s medical device industry and the food processing industry demand for radiation processing, in that it helps to provide high quality medical device and food for domestic and foreign consumptions. All labs conform to relevant standards. There are 4 staff with Deputy Senior Engineer and graduate degree or above, the rest of the staff are bachelor degree or above. All members accept strict training and work with relevant certificates, strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and they master the requirements of relevant standards so as to ensure scientific, fairness, independence and accuracy of detection.

Since the company started formal operation, for two consecutive years, all the testing proficiency evaluation result was satisfactory. At present, the company has furnished radiation sterilization test report to many well-known medical device and food companies at home and abroad. The 3 Labs can provide one-step service of radiation sterilization for medical devices for their customers.  The company’s testing is strictly in accordance with the ISO 17025. The company has officially submitted an application for recognition to the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee to be accredited as an independent third-party testing company.




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