The New Type of Medical Dressing – Hydrogel

The traditional medical dressings are often given priority to gauze, non-woven material and other materials. It often causes the adhesion of the wound to the dressing. The new type of cross-linked hydrogel wound dressing not only possesses the advantage of no adhesion but also retains the functions of moisture absorption and breathability. Therefore it is widely applied to the treatment of fire burn, trauma, scalding, and bedsore patients.

The new type of hydrogel medical dressing developed by Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co., Ltd and Malaysia’sRumbia Bio-Tech Sdn.Bhd., is a new kind of biological gel. It is consisted of pure natural sago starch and water and cross-linked by radiation. In addition to the hydrogel common characteristics, it also has the functions of oxygen supply, lowering of temperature, bringing down a fever, relieving pain, and eliminating toxicant. It has been very popular in clinical treatment, and can be used in home health-care.