RC Division Profile

RC Division(Jiangsu Dasheng Rhodotron EB Application Center)has a 7800m² workshop, the processing capacity of which is 200,000m³ health-care products or 100,000m³ food per year. RC Divison is built to render irradiation processing service for health-care products, food, pet food, and polymer in and out the Yangtze River Delta region.

Accelerator System

RHODOTRON TT200(Energy: 10MeV, Beam current: 10mA, Power:100kW,≈7 million Ci 60Co)has many advantages such as small volume, stable, uniform beam energy, high dose rate, fast restarting, convenient maintenance, etc.

Conveyor System

  • Advanced PCS, the conveyor transportation speed is 2~12m/min;
  • Automatic flipping device and an automatic speed measuring device;
  • Safety interlock system to guarantee safe operation.


RC Division Leading Technologies

Quality Management System

RC Division(Jiangsu Dasheng Rhodotron EB Application Center)builds the first-class quality management system according to ISO13485 and ISO11137, which received TÜV SÜD quality system certificate in November 2011 and FDA registration number in May 2012.  Products irradiated by our devices can enter the European and American market.


Dosimetry Real-time Measuring

Imported the WINdose dosimetry system from GEX CORPORATION which can Measure the dose immediately. Imported the phantom from RISΦ lab which can be used to carrying the monitoring
dosimeter and it can ensure the physical location


Simulation Material

RC Division uses the material whose density is 0.14g/cm³ to perform operational qualification.




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