Based on the cooperation with Tsinghua University, dasheng is honored to be one of the domestic leading research and application groups in ionizing radiation treatment of wastewater. Up to now, dasheng has attained considerable experiences in dealing with industrial wastewater treatment and drinking water purification (including facility and process). Several pilot-scale and industrial-scale application of electron accelerator have been successfully carried out.

Ionizing radiation is a new technology applied in many fields of environmental protection, including treatment of flue gases, sewage sludge, solid waste, industrial wastewater (for example, paper mill effluent, textile and dyeing wastewater, chemical wastewater, pharmaceutical and pesticide wastewater), municipal wastewater, micro-contaminated drinking water. Especially, for the treatment of pollutants that are recalcitrant to conventional approaches, this technology acts as an important solution and shows a significant advantage, as it is free of secondary pollution.

Ionizing radiation does not require additional chemical reagents during wastewater treatment. What is more, it has a series of advantages as in wide adaptation, quick reaction and high degradation efficiency. Therefore, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) considers the radiation technology in environmental protection as the main direction on the peaceful utilization of atomic energy in the 21 st century.

Typical processes of ionizing radiation water treatment:

1. For biodegradability improvement of toxic and recalcitrant industrial wastewater:

Industrial wastewater →pretreatment →ionizing radiation→biological treatment →discharge

2. Removal of hazardous contaminants from micro-contaminated water:

Micro-contaminated water →ionizing radiation →advanced treatment →drink or reuse