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Enterprise News

Accelerator Corporation held second session of the general assembly of the trade unions

Wujiang Tatsu Sheng Testing Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the China National Accreditation Committee approved

My company and the Soochow University medical department signed a cooperation framework agreement

I organized the fire drill.

Division I participated in the eighth session of the Chinese medical supplies in 2015

China Guangdong nuclear technology and Jiangsu Sheng, Wenzhou Jun Seoul, Hubei Tuopu successfully signed

Hangzhou two day tour successful conclusion

My company was approved as a national post doctoral research station

The accelerator and strive to become the first domestic civilian nuclear technology

Up to win electron irradiation accelerator to fill the gaps in the industry

Shengda company to become successful manufacturers with the west to East Gas Pipeline Project shrink

The Chinese Academy of sciences research base located in Wujiang Fen Hu Dasheng group

RHODOTRON center of the main building embedded six party sign

Environmental impact assessment of the 10Mev electron accelerator in Jiangsu

Environmental impact assessment of the 10Mev electron accelerator in Jiangsu

IBA signed a deal with him.

Our company's science and technology to lead the transition

My company added 3 accelerator engine room and 1 commissioning room project completion

Development of high frequency and high voltage electron accelerator

Pu Ronggao, vice mayor of Suzhou City, the company went to the company's research

The transformation of "an old shoe acceleration"

Dasheng: fast development of talents, shrink/a>

Jiangsu reached the completion of the application center of the RHODOTRON electron accelerator

Wujiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau: Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Base in Wujiang to settle down

RHODOTRON center quality system document audit

Reached 30 years, the group has successfully cast private sample

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