The company specialized is engaged in the development of pipeline anticorrosion materials and production. Pipeline corrosion products specifically designed for steel pipeline, it is mainly used for buried steel pipe and overhead steel pipe joint, elbow, flange, joint lock hoop steel parts such as anticorrosion, can also be used for the entire length of steel pipe anticorrosion treatment, additional thermal insulation pipe outside the filling mouth protection and insulation pipe factory port protection. Suitable for 2, 3 PE, PE FBE, epoxy coal tar and coal tar enamel anticorrosion of pipeline joint repairing anticorrosion, elbow, and crude oil, product oil and heat pipe outside the seal joint. New development of the aluminum foil cold winding belt is suitable for the aerial pipeline anticorrosion, viscoelastic body anticorrosion tape good pipeline repair materials. Jiangsu tube ? da sheng heat shrinkable materials co., LTD

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WSS heat shrinkable belt is designed specifically for buried or overhead steel tube joint anticorrosion material and design of heat shrinkable type anticorrosive repairing materials.... More
TS series products of heat shrinkable sleeve is buried and aerial steel pipe joint of anticorrosion and thermal insulation pipe insulation joint is designed, can also be used for pipe flange connection parts and sealing of the lock collar.... More
WT shrink wrapping tape series is buried and aerial steel pipeline and thermal insulation outer surface and the design and manufacture of heat shrinkable type anticorrosive strip, mainly used in steel tube bending parts coil coating anticorrosive processing and pipeline anticorrosive coating damage repair ... More
CRP is a kind of special polyethylene anticorrosive coating for steel pipeline patching patching repair with design developed by radiation crosslinking. It is made of radiation crosslinked polyolefin substrate and special hot melt adhesive sealing compound and into ... More
WPCHeat-shrinkable waterproof cap outer for radiation crosslinked polyolefin substrate, coated waterproof sealant, mainly from the anti-corrosion steel pipe ends of foam jacket, connecting the outer jacket and the inner steel tube, the thermal insulation pipe transportation, storage and use of seal, waterproof, anti-corrosion, etc.... More
Solventless epoxy primer mainly by modified epoxy resin as main film former, using active dilutes toughening agent without solvent. Give good layer relay, good chemical stability and mechanical properties... More