Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co., Ltd located in Foho Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province of China. It is a provincial hi-tech enterprise, the business is civil application of nuclear technology. Dasheng employs more than 300 people, working with many research institutes, owning over 100 patents.

Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co., Ltd consists of Accelerator Division, Irradiation Division, RC Division and Environmental Protection Division.

Accelerator Division mainly focuses on manufacturing electron accelerator, under-beam and transport system for industrial use. It can manufacture both Dynamitron® type and ELV® type accelerators, can also design and manufacture under-beam and transport system, providing clients the best turnkey solution.

RC Division equipped with IBA Rhodotron® TT200(10MeV,10mA,100kW)renders service of Irradiation sterilization for health care products, food , pet food and Irradiation modification for polymer, electron component, etc.

Irradiation Division currently has 12 Dynamitron® accelerators ranging from 1.5MeV-4.5MeV and under-beam and transport system. Its irradiation processing service is mainly for wire& cable, heat shrink products, foam material, coated tablet, film, membrane, semi-conductor, etc.

Environmental protection Division based on the cooperation with institute of nuclear and new energy technology and school of environment, Tsinghua University, which is first applying ionizing radiation technology and facility for industrial wastewater treatment in China. Up to now, Dasheng has attained considerable experiences in dealing with industrial wastewater and drinking water. Several pilot-scale and industrial-scale application of electron beam irradiation has been successfully carried out in Jiangsu province.

In order to provide better service to customers, Dasheng establishes irradiation processing subsidiary companies all over China, such as Anhui, Taiwan, etc.